Ranch to Table & Farm to Table Meals-Here you know where you food comes from

The pleasure of knowing where all the food on your table comes from happens here at Heritage Bison Ranches.  Last night, we ate bison tenderloins that we raised ourselves, frozen sweet corn from one of our neighbors and fresh potatoes I dug out of the ground myself at another neighbors place.  I am deeply honored that I can eat the healthiest and best tasting red meat on the planet, because we raise our own bison.  Lance and I froze 70 quarts of sweet corn this summer from a neighbor, and let me tell you, there's nothing better that man likes on his plate aside from a bison steak.  And, compare our freshly dug potatoes with those you get in the store, the fresh taste is undeniable.  I cannot imagine how old those potatoes are that we get from the grocery store.  Lance actually said to me this summer after doing up the sweet corn that from here on out he wants a bison steak and sweet corn every night for supper!  We hope, here are Heritage Bison Ranches, that you can eat like we do every day.  Hit up your farmers markets, buy fresh whenever you can, and start ordering our bison meats, because here you know where your food comes from.