Know who your food comes from

Prins Siblings:  Rachel, John & Robin

Heritage Bison Ranches, owned by the Prins Family, produces healthy, good for you bison.   Our bison are 100% free of antibiotics and growth hormones.  Our bison are grass fed, roaming on our family's pristine, native, prairie grasslands, and are finished with corn we grow and raise ourselves.    

Here we want you to know everything about what you are eating.  We are with our bison from the day they are born until the day they are delivered to you.  We can tell you how they are raised and where they are raised, because it is our family who cares for them.  We can tell you exactly what they are fed and how they are fed, because they are fed by our family.   Absolutely anything you want to know about our bison we can tell you, because our family is with them each and every day.  

Our bison are hand selected from our very own herd, and great care is taken in choosing our butchers.  Our butchers are local people.  They are people we know and trust.  We are not a 5,000 head bison feedlot, and our bison are not sent to a bison packing plant.  Here, at Heritage Bison Ranches, we encourage you to get to know us.  We want you to know who your bison came from, and where your bison come from.  Here, you know exactly the quality of the bison you are purchasing.

Bruce & Corrine Prins (Mom & Dad the ones that started it all)