Here you know where your food comes from-Getting ready for our Annual Bison Roundups and Auction

Dad, Lance & Philip are the men who care for our bison on a daily basis.  Between the three of them there are decades of experience.  Here they are looking at building some new corral systems for our first of our two roundups in November.  A lot of thought and consideration goes into making a corral setup to insure the safety of our bison and our family, as we check them one by one as they go through the chutes.  We only handle them once a year during our annual roundups where we weigh each one, check the cows to see if they are pregnant or open and wean the calves.  Our bison herd is not domesticated as some bison herds are.  We cannot pet them, have them eat out of our hands, or go anywhere near them on foot as you may see in many Facebook and Instagram posts.  Our herds live on 2,000 acres of native prairie grasses and when we bring them in for roundup time it is wild and dangerous.  The utmost care and consideration goes into make sure that not only our bison are safe, but our family as well.  We share these blog posts with you so that you may know who we are, and where your food comes from.  Our bison are 100% antibiotic and growth hormone free and raised in these great big pastures to simulate what it used to be like for them to roam in the 1800's when there were no fences across the prairies of the midwest.  Our two roundups are in November, along with our auction, where people come from all over the country to buy our bison in person and as watch our simulcasted live auction online.  These three men, know and care for our bison as they do their own children.  You can trust that the bison you purchase from us are raised with the utmost care and consideration for their well being.    Our heritage depends on it.