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Heritage Ground Bison Blend

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70% Ground Bison 30% Bison Liver

Organ meats are incredibly nourishing. But how to incorporate them into your diet? Our Heritage Blend is made of 70% ground bison and 30% bison liver. This blend allows those of us who are more sensitive to organ flavor and texture to still get all their valuable benefits! We grind in small batches as to not overheat nor do we add any flavor enhancers, colorings or preserving agents. It's just pure Bison.  We mixed our premium ground buffalo with our nutrient-dense buffalo liver to create a delicious, palatable, balanced product that is oh-so-good for you. Try the Heritage Blend in a stir fry, as meatballs, or as a substitute for anything you would use ground bison for. You can't go wrong!