Heritage Bison Ranches

Ground Bison Patties-1/4 & 1/3 lb burgers

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Bison Burger


4-1/4 lb patties per package


3-1/3 lb patties per package

Is there a more convenient, delicious, nourishing meal than firing up the grill and tossing some pre-formed bison patties on the grill? We say no. Our burgers are about 97% lean which means almost zero shrink as well as more filling with less.

  • Our 1/3 lb grass-fed bison burger, our most popular. It's perfectly balanced for most eaters.
  • Our individually wrapped 1/4 lb grass-fed bison burgers are super convenient. With each burger wrapped by itself, you only need to thaw exactly what you need. With almost zero shrink, what you see is what you get. Don't discount the mighty 1/4 pounder, especially if you're a lighter eater or have children.

This bison meat is shipped frozen for you to thaw and enjoy when you please.  Thank you!