Bison Brisket

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Brisket comes from the lower chest area of the bison and is beyond delicious when cooked slowly in its own juices. Brisket, roasted, baked or corned turns out to be a meal you won't soon forget. Leaner than typical beef brisket, moist and extremely flavorful, bison brisket has added nutritional density that many other cuts don't due to the amount of use this muscle gets. Bison Brisket... it gets no better!  The brisket is a favorite cut for those who embrace slow cooking and want “fall-apart tenderness”. Heritage Bison Ranches Brisket is perfect for braising and for pulled BBQ.  (Because any less would just leave you wanting more.)

This bison meat ordered online is shipped frozen for you to thaw and use when you desire.  We hope you enjoy our bison meat.