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Make some delicious bison roasts, stews, and soups this winter with our Winter Bison Box.  Substitute all your recipes with bison for a heartier, bolder flavor for all your dishes.  So many recipes on our website and on Rachel's Bison Recipes Facebook page.  

1.5-2 lb Bison Chuck Roast

1.5-2 lb Bison Rump Roast

1.5-2 lb Bison Round Roast

1.5-2 lb Bison Arm Roast

2-24 oz pkg Bison Osso Bucco/Shanks

2-1 lb pkgs Bison Stew Meat

3-1/4 lb Bison Burger Patties (4/pkg)

3-1/3 lb Bison Burger Patties (3/pkg)

4-1 lb pkgs Ground Bison

8-4 oz pkgs Bison Sticks (assorted flavors)