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Winter Bison Package-10% Savings

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It's that time of year to put some healthy deliciousness in our freezers for the cooler Fall days ahead.  Take a roast out the night before to thaw and throw it in your crock pot to be ready when you get home.  A delicious bison roast to come home to after a hard days work.  YUM!  Make some bison tacos, bison meatloaf, or bison stew for a healthier take on your every day meals.  We've got some great recipes on our website.  Healthy doesn't always mean delicious, but with bison meat it does!

1-1.5-2 lb Bison Sirloin Tip Roast

1-1.5-2 lb Bison Chuck Roast

1-1 lb pkg Ground Bison

2-1 lb pkg Bison Stew Meat

1-1/4 lb Bison Burgers (4/pkg)

1-1/3 lb Bison Burgers (3/pkg)